iTalk Global Communication

“Cogent was able to provide us colocation and bandwidth services within a week’s notice.” - Jeff Liegel, Engineer at iTalk Global Communication

iTalk Global Communication’s primary business is selling residential phone and TV services to people whose first or second language is Mandarin, Korean, or Cantonese within the United States and Canada (60% of customers are located within the U.S., and 40% are located within Canada). iTalk Global Communication requires bandwidth for voice, video, and cloud storage, and they currently host all of these services within Cogent’s datacenter.

iTalk Global Communication decided to switch from their original provider when the company had an emergency need for more bandwidth in order to broadcast special events during the Chinese New Year. Cogent was able to switch Italk Global Communication from their original three data centers into Cogent’s data center and provide the needed bandwidth within a week’s notice.

In addition to seeking this quick turn-around, iTalk Global Communication chose Cogent because of the competitive price, physical presence in both Canada and the U.S., and they discovered their previous provider also uses Cogent’s network

Since their switch, iTalk Global Communication’s bandwidth quality has been consistent, and they appreciate the efficiency in Cogent’s organizational structure, knowing that other companies require the navigation of many layers before connecting with a contact when you need something done.